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  • Image of Amy

    The Mugs by KaMojo are absolutely beautiful. The design is awesome and has so much detail in it. There are flowers and filigree in the design that give it such a unique look…. - Amy

  • Image of Dianne

    10 STAR ALERT! I don't give out 10 stars lightly! These are beyond gorgeous 100% Pure Copper mugs! These Moscow Mule Mugs are unlike any mugs you have ever seen! Absolutely elegant and the most beautiful ever!! - Dianne

  • Image of Meghan

    I mean just look at these… aren’t they gorgeous?! I’m so used to seeing the plain ol’ hammered or smooth copper mugs – I never realized there were such pretty ones out there! These Kajamo Mule mugs are 100% copper just like the mugs you know and love, but they have an eye-catching design - Meghan

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